The only Japanese Gypsy mixed race Flamenco dancer in Japan. 
Not only he has worked with wonderful artists but also worked in the media like TV,events and stage. 
He is now choreographer and teaching  in his flamenco academy studio 「Antonio  Kobayashi Tokyo Flamenco Academy」in Japan,Tokyo.
Born into a inherit gypsy family blood in 1988 Spain, Madrid.
His interest towards flamenco started by growing up with his father, JuanJosé Hernández Romero, a flamenco singer who has worked at the Spain National Ballet company. 
And his mother Hiroko Kobayashi, a flamenco dance teacher who has her own academy studio in Japan, Tokyo. 
He started to study flamenco dance by the age of seventeen. 
By the age of 20, he performed on stage and a few more events while continuing his studies of flamenco dance. 
Later on in 2009, he began teaching flamenco at 「Flamenco studio Carmela」.
In 2012, he’s been interviewed  in the Japanese media such as 「All about」「Keiko and Manabu」and 「shittoko!」-TBS(Japanese TV program).
In the same year, he participated at the competition ANIF(ASOCIACION NIPPONA DE FLAMENCO)in Japan.
He’s been scouted by 「Okada Masami」who is the head of the Japan Flamenco Association to performed in her show 「50th anniversary Spanish Dance Flamenco」.
Also, he collaborated with a painter Yoko Tsukiyama(National Association Associate Member) at her exhibition,with Canzone,Fado.
2014, he produced and performed his own Flamenco show three times a year.
In May 2015, he formed with other artist a group named 
「Group of Flamenco ESTILO PROPIO」and performed few shows on stage and theaters.
In July, he performed as a Lead at the concert 「T&N」,along with other artist form another genre, such as Opera at the Nihonbashi-Mistukoshi Theater.
In September, he did a show at the one of the most famous restaurant in Tokyo 「Ogasawara Hakushakutei」- 8 years consecutive awarded by Michelin.
In December, show at the 「The Place of Tokyo」.
In 2016, he lead a group「Group of Flamenco ESTILO PROPIO」,and produced, performed twice a year at Ginza Tokyo.
Also, in the same year he was interviewed by the famous comedian in Japan Nezzuchi, and his studio appeared on TV along with his interview.
In June 2017, performed in Gunma at 「El viento」- Spanish restaurant special project「Otokomasturi」
In July, as a special guest he participate at the 「Flamenco sitio summer festival 2017」supported by the Japan Flamenco Association.
In September, his article about his studio was on the flamenco community paper magazine 「Farruca」.
In October, his first recital of his studio 「Antonio Kobayashi Flamenco Tokyo Academy」was performed by his students with his choreography.
At Okutama, he performed at the 「Yamano furusatomura Tokyo Internacional cultural exchange」
He is now the owner of 「Antonio Kobayashi Flamenco Academy」and continues his show in many places such as, stage, events and media.